Guidelines for Voter Registration Assistance Education and Partnering

Guidelines for Voter Registration Assistance Education and Partnering

An increased interest in voter registration assistance has been voiced by a variety of local civic organizations wishing to partner with the expertise that the League of Women Voters-Whitewater Area (LWV-WW) has to offer. This presents an excellent opportunity to reach broader audiences and share the League's mission widely. Ground rules for doing so are necessary, as we must proactively maintain our non-partisanship and 501(c)(3) status.

Why Partner on Voter Registration?

Wisconsin State Voter Registration Laws are complicated. In order to help reach our shared targeted audience of underrepresented/unregistered voters and new potential voters in time for Election Day, the LWV-WW will partner with other organizations who share an interest in educating voters. These partnerships will lessen voter confusion leading up to Election Day and bring about a greater impact than individual organizations could make on their own.

Examples of Voter Registration Events:

  • Voter Registration Assistance Education that is open to the public
  • Voter Registration Assistance Table at City Market
  • Voter Registration Assistance Table at local businesses, public libraries, high schools, etc.
  • Voter Registration Assistance Table at community sponsored events
  • Voter Registration Assistance Table at UW-Whitewater Special Events
  • Voter Registration Assistance Table at UW-Whitewater University Center leading up to elections

Guidelines for Partnering

  1. The LWV-WW's mission and positions will guide the goals and actions of these partnerships.
  2. The LWV-WW and their partner organizations will be transparent in their planning to ensure their activities do not advocate for political parties or candidates.
  3. These partnerships must not compromise the League's non-partisanship.
    1. There will be no campaign literature, signage, T-shirts, buttons worn, or any other campaign activity at the table. Partisan conversation is not allowed at any voter registration assistance events.
    2. The LWV-WW will always clearly state the non-partisanship of the League of Women Voters when participating in a voter registration assistance event.
  4. The LWV-WW will ensure that collaborating organizations work effectively as partners and are responsible as well as reliable.
  5. Inclusion and diverse participation will be a focus of the event planning.
  6. The LWV-WW Board will be consulted as necessary for permission to participate with organizations that are unfamiliar or might present a conflict of interest.
  7. Registration volunteers will be guided by LWV-WW to ensure the consistency and accuracy of content.
  8. A representative of the LWV-WW will participate in all events and be responsible for any LWV handouts. LWV Handouts will not be displayed at partisan events.

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Submitted for approval by the League of Women Voters-Whitewater Area Board of Directors on November 2, 2019, by Julia Ross, Kathy Brimmer, and Etty Wilberding.

Board approved November 2, 2019.