Jesse Daniel Ames historical plaque

League of Women Voters of Williamson County 

100 years ago, the League of Women Voters of Texas (LWVT) was founded. Jessie Daniel Ames of Georgetown served as the LWVT’s first president. In September 2019, Williamson County became a LWVT league-at-large. Our first president, Chris Spano, is also from Georgetown and it our intent to lead the LWV legacy into the next century.

During our first year, the LWV Wilco will focus on the following:

  • Voter registration – registering all eligible voters
  • Voter education – providing non-partisan information on candidates and legislation
  • Voter access – providing convenient access to all registered voters
  • Membership – outreach to Williamson County residents focusing first on the Williamson County seat, Georgetown and building our network outward.

We are delighted to continue the work and legacy of the LWV Texas and Jessie Daniel Ames...

Events and Forum's

Visit our website at www.LWVWilco.org or Facebook or Twitter @LWVWilco for a schedule of events, forums and open meetings.

Contact Us

Chris Spano President President.LWV.Wilco@gmail.com
Pam Mitchell  Secretary Secretary Secretary.LWV.Wilco@gmail.com
Larry Olson Treasurer Treasurer Treasurer.LWV.Wilco@gmail.com
Kathy Anthony Vice President, Community Relations CommunityRelations.LWV.Wilco@gmail.com
Yvonne Seiders Vice President, Events Events Events.LWV.Wilco@gmail.com
Vicki Stubbington Vice President, Membership Membership.LWV.Wilco@gmail.com
Theresa Warley Vice President, Fundraising Fundraising.LWV.Wilco@gmail.com
  Vice President, Voter Services VoterServices.LWV.Wilco@gmail.com

Become a Member

The League is open to all – men, women and other gender identities; individuals and families; youth through seniors, citizens and non-citizens. Voting members must be at least 16 years of age.

Join LWV Williamson County – Individual $55/year, Family $75/year, Student $5/year.

Open Meetings

The League of Women Voters Williamson County, Texas invites you to join us! We are a non-partisan organization that encourages community engagement and education. Children are welcome at our meetings. For up to date League meeting and event announcements and information, go to our website at www.LWVWilco.org or Facebook or Twitter @LWVWilco. You don’t need to have a Facebook account to view our page!

Voter Services

At www.vote411.org, the LWV provides voter services information including voter registration status and polling locations. For spring and fall elections, approximately one week prior to early voting, you can create a personalized ballot to view and compare the candidates' responses to the Voters Guide questions. The site also includes state and national information (debate schedules, etc) and helpful links

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