Student Voters

Student Voters

Students with thumbs up! We are so ready to vote! Are you? Register today!

Am I registered to vote?

I am registered at my parents' address!

  • Drive home! Early vote or vote on Election Day!
  • or Vote By Mail 
  • Vote early in the county where you live as a student, go to the county's main polling location and vote a "limited ballot" which covers statewide races. Voting a limited ballot automatically registers you to vote in the new county.

Who may vote a limited ballot?

  • A new resident of a county
  • A voter currently registered in another Texas county
  • A voter who has not applied to vote by mail.
  • Vote a limited ballot at your new county's main early voting location!

I am registered at my college address!

  • Skip the lines! Vote early at any voting location!
  • or vote on Election Day!


You must show an ID to vote!  You can't use your student ID. 

  • Your ID address does not have to match the voter registration address.

Student Resources

Election Protection graphic


Students marching holding signs

Students marching for 18 year old's right to vote, 1969