Election Information

Election Information

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The nonpartisan Texas Primary Voters Guide provided by the League of Women Voters will be available before early voting.  Find the Voters Guide on VOTE411.org, the PDF in English & Spanish , & a printed Voters Guide at many local libraries.

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The League appreciates the sponsors (listed above) of the Nov. 5, 2019 Constitutional Amendment Voters Guide.

Go to VOTE411.org  for  your very own nonpartisan Voters Guide 

Who should vote in the Texas Primaries?

The upcoming Texas primary is an extremely important election in Texas!

Voters in the Texas primaries and conventions choose who will run for office in the General Election. For many communities in Texas, their elected officials are chosen in the primary election because many districts heavily favor one party over the other.

The Republican and Democratic Parties choose their candidates in a primary election. The Libertarian and Green Parties choose their candidates in party conventions.

Texas has open primaries. That means that ALL Texas voters can participate in one of these events.

Voters who don’t strongly identify with any political party can and should carefully consider the choices and participate in one of the primaries or conventions. But you can only
participate in one. Once a voter has voted in one party, that voter cannot participate in another party’s election or convention.

The League encourages all registered voters to participate in the Texas Primary Election and vote for the best candidates. Don’t forget, voting in a primary does not commit you to vote for a particular candidate in the General Election.

Follow and share voting and election information from trusted sources like the League of Women Voters.

The following is a list of the official websites and verified social media accounts associated with the Office of the Texas Secretary of State:

To report suspicious activity, misinformation, or a fraudulent account, e-mail elections@sos.texas.gov or to the Texas Election Protection Coalition.


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