LWVLA Leadership

LWVLA Leadership

LWV of the Lewisburg Area Board of Directors- 2020-2021

League of Women Voters of Lewisburg Area (LWVLA) is a grassroots organization in which leadership and coordination are provided by a Board, including officers and directors. Most of those positions have two year terms, and some are staggered for continuity. The LWVLA Board shown below was approved at the annual meeting on June 24, 2020. Here's a video of the entire annual meeting.

Officers: President - Kandy Duncan; First Vice-President - Mary Beth Clark; Second Vice-President - Becky Perez; Treasurer - Hood Johnston; Secretary - Ruth Burnham

Directors: Janice Bigelow, Liz Clement, Linda Harris, Elaine Hopkins, Teri MacBride, Mary Zimmerman

For information about the LWVLA Board and related league volunteer opportunities, contact one of the Board members or lwvlewisburgarea [at] gmail.com