Special Projects

Special Projects


INSPIRE PA, DIRECTOR,  Andaya Sugayan 

Currently this program is not in operation but LWVEC still works with the Director on the Governor's Civic Engagement Award Pogram/Will be revisited in the future.



Harvard Case STUDY UPDATE, April 3, 2020

Several have reached out to ask whether the plans for the Harvard Civics workshop this August have changed. Despite the uncertainty created by COVID-19, LWVEC can assure you that the workshop will take place on August 16-18 as planned—either online, in-person, or through some combination of the two. . While we hope that the workshop will be held in-person, the Case Method Project team is working actively with colleagues at Harvard Business School and with teachers across the country to develop best practices in virtual instruction, so that regardless of the format, the Case Method Project will be able to deliver professional development programming of the highest quality. 





The Harvard Civics Project is an initiative formed (1) to bring case method teaching to high schools, and (2) to use this methodology to deepen students' understanding of American democracy.

Based on the highly successful experience of Harvard Business School and other graduate and professional programs that use case-based teaching, the case method can be employed to strengthen high school education as well, ensuring a more exciting, relevant, and effective experience for students and teachers across a range of subjects. The case method can be especially effective at engaging students with topics in history and democracy, and it presents a unique opportunity to help reverse the broad decline in civic education and civic engagement in the United States. The national media have also pointed to the advantages of this method for engaging students.

Project cases are based on those outlined in Harvard Business School Professor David Moss's recent book, Democracy: A Case Study.

The League of Women Voters Erie County Chapter sent one teacher to last year's summer training, Mr. John Galle- Boyko from Erie High, and we are sending one teacher from Fairview August 2020. It is an expense paid training at Harvard. This year training will be virtual.  

Click this link to visit Harvard Business School Case Methood Project site: