The League of Women Voters takes action on an issue only when we have a position addressing it. If the members have not studied and come to consensus on it, the League has no position and therefore cannot take action. Studies (whether national, state, or local) are a defined process lasting one to three years, during which we undertake thorough pursuit of facts and details, both positive and negative, and come to consensus about policy.

Louisville League New Study

At the annual meeting, membership adopted a new study, a new study of incarcerated women.  Phase One will be fact-finding:  number and description of women, reason for incarceration, sentences, experiences in prison, barriers to re-entry, starting with women jailed in Jefferson County.  The goal would be to determine how the corrections system can better prepare incarcerated women for successful re-entry after release.  It is anticipated that the second year of the study would lead to a position.


Studies from across the nation are in our League of Women Voters Education Fund Clearinghouse for studies.

Read the national Guidelines for LWVUS Studies.