Money in Politics

Money in Politics

The League has long supported legislation advocating effective campaign spending controls, limitations on contributions and expenditures, and indirect and direct public financing of campaigns.

Echoing the National League:

  • Elections should be about the voters, not big money interests.
  • It is time to limit SuperPACS and secret donors to protect representative democracy.
  • Reducing the influence of big money in our politics makes our elections fairer.
  • Voters need to know who is raising money for which political candidates, how much money they are raising and how that money is being spent.
  • Elections should be free from corruption and undue influence and should work so that everyday Americans can run for office, even if they aren’t well connected to wealthy special interests.

In this election year, it is imperative that we act to support these goals.

Take a look and find out how to Follow the Money for the state of Hawaii.