LWVKC Voter Registration Training

LWVKC Voter Registration Training


Reaching out to all potential voters has been one of the primary objectives of the League of Women Voters for the past century. Voter registration continues to be one of the key activities of the League of Women Voters of Kent County. To assure accuracy, voter registration training is necessary and usually conducted the second Tuesday of each month  by the Department of Elections located at 100 Enterprise Place, Suite 100, Dover. Retraining is also required every two years. Your participation is important. To schedule training, please contact Christine Stillson at cstillson@verizon.net.

Established Group/Organization: If you are part of an existing group and need a refresher training, contact your coordinator to indicate that you would like to attend a training. It is the coordinator's responsibility to notify members that the group wishes to remain active and to confirm a training date and reserve seats.  Only the coordinator calls or emails me as soon as possible (no later than noon the day before the training) to confirm a training date and to secure seats for the class. There are no walk‐ins!

For additional information: Introduction to Organized Voter Registration Program Training  


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