Sacramento County

Sacramento County

What are some of our activities? 

The League of Women Voters of Sacramento County is an organization of both women and men that welcomes diversity and inclusion.  

    • We encourage informed and active participation in government.
    • We work to increase understanding of major public policy issues.
    • We influence public policy through education and advocacy.

Located in California's Capitol, League of Women Voters of Sacramento County is uniquely positioned to participate in the study of political issues at both the local and state level. 


  • League 1st Vice President, Paula Lee did a demonstration of Ranked Choice Voting for Courtney Bailey, our Registrar of Voters and her management staff (7/14/19).  Sacramento County’s new voting equipment vendor is Dominion Voting Systems which has the capacity to count a RCV election.  Contact us for more information on our campaign to educate voters about Ranked Choice Voting and about our Voter Representation position. Act now: urge Governor Newsome to sign SB  212 giving cities, counties, and school districts the option to use more democratic, majority-winner voting methods.
    • Some cities already have the option to use runoff elections or ranked choice voting to ensure candidates are elected with majority support. But state law prevents other cities and school districts from using majority-winner voting systems.  Act now:

    Did you know that in many local elections, candidates can be elected even if they received far less than a majority of the votes? One study found that, for single-seat city elections with three or more candidates, the winner was elected with less than a majority over 40 percent of the time. Candidates have even been elected to city offices with less than 25 percent of the vote. Act now to urge Governor Newsom to sign SB 212 giving cities, counties, and school districts the option to use more democratic, majority-winner voting methods.

  • The Sacramento League is recently featured as a case study in Vote for Us, by Joshua Douglas, Ph.D.   He tells the story of how we led a governance reform effort in Sacramento.  It started with the Sacramento LWV working to defeat a "strong mayor proposal.”  After 3 years a coalition led by LWV and Common Cause achieved (1) a 5-member independent ethics commission, (2) a transparency ordinance and (3) a charter amendment for an independent citizens redistricting commission to draw our Council district lines.  The Commission will draw new district lines after the 2020 census.  The League promotes an open governmental system that is representative, accountable and responsive.

  • The League of Women Voters Sacramento County has an Observer Corps for the Sacramento Police Review Commission and we are working on something for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department as well.  A screened and trained Observer for the League attends, watches and listens to a government meeting and reports back to League members for further action. The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan, multi-issue organization that encourages informed and active participation in government. Observers are part of our mission to ensure government transparency and accountability.

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The League does not support or oppose candidates or political parties.


Where do we teach people about voting? 

    • Take Back the Night in Sacramento, 10/12/19
    • Colonial Village tree planting event, 10/12/19
    • California Freethought Day, register voters, 10/13/19
    • Alternative Facts, register voters, 9/29/19 
    • California State University, 9/28/19
    • Train staff to register voters, Liberty Towers, 9/23/19
    • National Voter Registration Day, 9/24/19 (Contact Us)
    • California History Museum in Sacramento, 9/2019
    • Street Vets Clinic in Sacramento, 9/8/19
    • 100 Dads, 8/17/19
    • Youth Empowerment Summit, 4/24/19


How do I vote in California?

  • Voting is easier than ever with Voter's Choice
    • You will get your ballot by mail
    • You can vote early or on election day
    • You can put your signed ballot in any Ballot Drop Box or mail it in
    • You can bring your ballot to any Vote Center
  • Visit Voting & Elections for more of the California League's voter services including positions on Statewide propositions.


What are some upcoming events (upcoming & past events)?

Event Date: 
Oct 13 2019 - 11:00am
Event location: 

State Capitol

The League of Women Voters Sacramento County will register voters at the California Freethought Day.  This event encourages freedom of speech and thought, civic engagement, enthusiasm for science, social justice, and the separation of church and s

Ready, Set, Plant graphic
Event Date: 
Oct 12 2019 - 8:45am
Event location: 

Earl Warren Park

Join the League of Women Voters of Sacramento County at this community event to help register new voters and voters who need to reregister to vote.

our voice matters
Event Date: 
Sep 28 2019 - 1:30pm
Event location: 

California State University, University Union

We will be at the 18th annual Our Voice Matters to help register students and their friends to vote. If you need to register or reregister to vote, drop by.

Take Back the Night artwork
Event Date: 
Oct 12 2019 - 5:30pm
Event location: 

Sacramento Native American Health Center

Join us for voter registration!